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Why choose Zip Zap?

For many, starting their own business can be a daunting prospect. By operating a franchised business with the kind of support and experience that Zip Zap can give you, takes some of the fear away. This is why a franchised business is a popular choice for entrepreneurs.  


As a Zip Zap Franchisee, you will have access to Zip Zap’s proven and successful business model, lesson and party plans and ongoing support and training for a small initial investment. The potential for motivated franchisees is huge, from expanding your territory, growing a team of staff and a high turnover, all to suit you and work around other commitments.  


Moya and I both had babies in 2017, within 10 weeks of each other, and we had to let go of the daily running of classes for a short while. Our incredible team took over and made the transition appear seamless and at this point we realised that Zip Zap would work perfectly as a franchised business. The right person, looking for a career change or adding something to their existing career, could take on the business model that we have created and turn it into a profitable, fun and rewarding business for themselves. 


At the heart of Zip Zap is each individual child’s early years journey. Our team have seen first hand the effect that drama and music at this young age can have on confidence, concentration and communication during childhood –  whether it is the ability to jump up and join in a role-play scenario or for the Baby Zappers skills such as grasping objects and coordination exercises. These can have a profound and life long effect on children. 

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