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A Day in the life of  a Zip Zap Franchisee

Zip Zap works perfectly to fit in with any other commitments you may have. A typical day would look like this…


For me, the day starts at around 7am, or earlier if my children decide to wake up at the crack of dawn! I always find it easier to make sure I have prepped every thing for the classes the night before, having learnt the songs for the week and prepared the links between songs. I also prep my music, props and registers the day before.


After getting the children ready and dropping them off at school, I head to the venue and meet my co-workshop leader. We chat through the plan and props for the classes whilst setting up and manage to squeeze in a quick chat about the weekend!


Usually around 10 minutes before, the attendees start arriving. For me, one of the highlights is getting to know the children and grown ups on a personal level. It is just a joy to watch the children grow and develop socially, they can so much in just a few weeks at such a young age. I always have a quick look at the online register at this point,  to check if any one has booked in since I organised my registers the night before, whilst my co-workshop leader is chatting to the children and parents.


Then, it’s time start the class. One of the best things about having a fellow workshop leader is that whilst the class is happening, you can really ensure you give individual children lots of personalised attention, noticing and commenting on any new, amazing skills.


After the first class, there is just enough time to clean and sanitise every thing ready for the next class. Then it’s time to go again, I love the difference in atmosphere between the toddler and baby classes.


After both classes and a big clean of the mats, props and venue, it is time to head home for an admin session. This allows me to catch up on any phone messages and emails and reply to them before collecting the children. Once this is complete then the afternoon is free to take my children to activities and classes or just spend some quality family time.


I usually then have a quick catch up on emails once the children are in bed and prep the registers again for the class the following day, ready for the fun to begin all over again!

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